Ten years of being the most badass, skull stomping, fear inducing, mind meltingly metal adventurers with a kickass nickname 'Damnation' had been good. Fame, riches, women, you name it. That was then…A few years of bad choices, sneaky gobbos and a run in or two with the local junk chariot gang and it was all gone, the gold, the ladies  of negotiable affection and most importantly the loot, it was in a dungeon somewhere but exactly where was proving difficult to remember. To cap it all some stunty had bad mouthed you on Magic CB the other night, said no-one even remembered you.  Well, the reporter bloke had shown up with Anthrax in tow, solo career my crack! Time to get back out there, stomp some more skulls, melt more minds and shred.. well any dumbass that gets in your way, time to for the Reformation of Damnation!