Caulder Von Blood Diesel

"Absolute gob-shite"


A tall, pale, muscular man with long white hair. Prone to capes and open shirts with frills when the sun doesn’t demand his full black plate armour.


Over one hundred years ago he was born into slavery through a breeding program. As a child he was useful for crawling into small dangerous spaces of large machines such as the oil “Drillas” and Engines of the Junk Chariots. As he aged didn’t show any mechanical knowledge so he was shunted over to more manual labour.

As a strong and charismatic slave a lot of the other slaves tended to look up to him for advice or comradery. The Orks identified this as a risk, so they gathered him up in a sweep of troublemakers and told them they were going on a Special Work Detail, which most knew meant death. Two large Orks and a handful of Goblins loaded them into the Junk Chariot and they headed out. When one of the Orks was bored he decided to see how many goblins he could knock over with another Goblin in the back of the Chariot. Helping him up, he managed to rile up the Goblin, persuading him into unleashing all his pent up anger at being used like a second class citizen and once one Goblin started attacking the Ork, they all joined in. The other Ork who was driving was strangled by two Goblins from behind, each dangling from a length of chain. The Junker veered wildly, hit a dune and capsized, spinning violently. He found himself thrown from the wreckage a few moments after, having landed violently enough to gain a few friction burns but nothing serious he quickly composed himself and went to check the wreckage. His fellow slaves were dead, some thrown clear but landed at awkward angles, some crushed in the wreckage. The goblins were mostly impaled about the wreckage or crushed beneath it. The Orks were alive, but bleeding out angrily. The Driver was stuck in his seat, his surroundings had been crushed and trapped him. The other was pinned to the back of the chariot by a piece of metal that had warped considerably, also kebabing a goblin and trapping him with the corpse. A few minutes after he left he heard an almighty explosion which was probably the Junk Chariot’s blackwater supply exposed and heated by the sun. By the next day he was ready to collapse from exhaustion and dehydration, and he did.

Once he escaped he was near death when he was found, taken in by a holy man and nursed back to health from severe dehydration. He decided to work off his debt, and became a part of the small community, most of which were escaped slaves, but some had been born outside slavery which amazed him. He learned the basics of swordplay from the Holy Man but they concentrated on non-lethal techniques. He vowed never to take a life, and only to protect it. He defended the tent village from Sand beasts and small groups of bandits in his time.

When their small community was attacked by overwhelming force he found his mentor struggling beneath a Raider clad in thick heavy robes and armour who was feeding on the struggling priest. He managed to attack the Raider from behind and had the opportunity to deliver a potentially mortal wound. The Raider wanted him to do it, but he refused, having vowed never to take a life he demanded the Raider surrender. The Raider instead impaled himself on his sword and drove the blade to the hilt. Caught in surprise he felt the fangs bite deep. When his world faded to black he did not expect to awaken, but he did. He awoke, Crucified upside down upon his mentor’s altar inside the main tent, covered in sand. Some time later, it was hard to tell how long, maybe a week, he was found by a scavenger. She was young and pretty by wasteland standards and she was shocked to discover that he was alive… at least she thought he was. He was exhausted, and when she finally managed to save him he instantly broke his Oath, draining her of her lifeblood in a long embrace and discarding her like an empty canteen. He then made to leave the Worship Tent, with the intention of taking whatever he desired by force; he promptly returned having been heavily burnt by the Sun, and decided he would leave at nightfall.

Caulder believe the strong survive, and the weak fall. He knows he was once weak and reliant on others, now he strives to prove his strength of body and will. He found some Drow slavers on the surface and followed them to the Underdark, stealing their armour which so efficiently blocked out the Sun’s harmful rays. This is where he encountered Benny, and enamoured with the Mindflayer’s passion for music, joined him on his quest to perform his music. Caulder isn’t too bothered by the music side of things, but likes the fame, prestige and easy access to food.

Typically Caulder has a Wight named Peter William Robert Farnsworth although the name is inherited, and his Metal Horse Zarathos.

Caulder Von Blood Diesel

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